Veterinarians’ Gadgets

Veterinarians´ Gadgets in France are instruments, surgical and diagnostic equipment used by a veterinary science expert to carry out their pet care work. Among these instruments we can find scalpels and equipment for ultrasound, some are similar to those used by a doctor for human treatment, but are adapted precisely for the needs of pets and livestock. At the same time, there are equipment created specifically for certain animals, suchas castration scalpels and cutters that have great resistance for horse hooves, these two examples are for the exclusive use of veterinarians. The ultimate goal of the entire veterinary team is to provide veterinarians with the tools they need to provide their patients with the best possible care and the most comfortable recoveries possible.

Among the gadgets used by veterinarians in France here are the most basic and common, such as: stretchers, hospital cranes, mattresses, water pressure hoses, walkers, etc. All equipment for the proper care of sick animals such as: oxygen therapy systems, equipment that supplies compressed air, suction equipment, cardiopulmonary recovery carts, curing stretchers, carts for pharmacological units, etc. Medications of all kinds to help the animal alleviate the symptoms of its disease. Disease: oral, topical, rectal, serum, intravenous and intramuscular, etc. Hygiene and disinfection materials, such as latex gloves, collection bags, redones, needle containers, etc. Medical record material, such as clinical records, nursing records (sheets where a record of the care plan is made), medical treatment sheets. Set of application of the different treatments: irrigation, cures, probing, puncture and therapy with serum.

We can divide these veterinarian´s Gadgets into four types, let’s start:

Veterinarian´s gadgets for diagnostic in France

We could start by mentioning the stethoscopes, microscopes, equipment for radriography and ultrasound; These help veterinarians to diagnose diseases or ailments through the same technological instruments used by doctors for the diagnosis of diseases in humans. For example, the equipment used to perform veterinary ultrasound is similar to that used by doctors for humans, in order to explore babies in the womb. It is the same technology, since sound waves are used to take pictures of the internal tissues of the body. The only difference is that in veterinary science, different types of machines are used to perform ultrasounds according to the type of animal, since smaller animals, for example, need machines of high resolution and frequency. The ultrasound equipment is used for non-invasive imaging procedures in the internal organs to detect abnormalities and signs of disease. The ultrasound equipment directs the sound waves to an organ and the reflection of the sound waves creates the image on the computer monitor. The ultrasound image is updated thirty times per second, which allows the veterinarian to observe the transmission of images of the organ and its operation. The result can be recorded on a DVD or saved in a computer unit. Ultrasound procedures may involve sedation if the patient is anxious, and anesthesia is used when a veterinarian performs a procedure with concurrent ultrasound imaging and biopsy.

Digital imaging veterinarian´s gadgets in France

The digital imaging equipment provides a clearer and more accurate image than X-rays and we do not have to wait long to get the test result. This type of veterinarian´s gadget contains medical software that connects to a computer monitor and then sends the images to veterinarians or veterinary hospitals using secure Internet connections, saving time and saving the cost of shipping. However, if the veterinarian does not have digital imaging technology, he will use traditional X-ray equipment to diagnose fractures and identify gallstones, tumors and foreign bodies that an animal has swallowed. Sometimes an anesthetic or mild sedative is necessary to ensure that the patient remains immobile during the x-ray procedure. In France, veterinarians are increasingly using digital X-ray technology, which can store X-ray images on discs for easy portability and easy viewing and analysis. The best thing about this new X-ray technology is that the veterinarian needs fewer X-rays, so patients are exposed to less radiation and the digital images are much clearer than those obtained with the traditional X-ray procedure.

Surgical veterinarian´s gadgets in France

Within this group of veterinarian´s gadgets we can find the scalpel, the tweezers and the needles. There is something called the speculum, which dilates the opening of a body cavity. The needle holders hold the surgical needles by suturing the tissue. Veterinarians also perform laser surgeries, which, like in humans, is less invasive and has shorter recovery time, but the cost is higher.

Routine treatment veterinarian´s gadgets in France

Syringes are very common tools that are used in prevention and routine veterinary treatment. For example, veterinarians use it to apply vaccines and also to inject insulin in diabetic cats. Syringes are also used to administer food and fluids to animals that, for some reason, can not or do not want to eat. In turn, nail clippers for veterinary use are widely used for the disposal of cats, dogs and rabbits, in order to prevent any type of problem, such as ingrown toenails, which are painful and can cause infections.

Anesthesia equipment

We can not forget the anesthesia equipment and include it as one of the veterinarian´s gadgets in France. The type and amount of anesthesia that a veterinarian will administer to our pet depends completely on the procedure that will be performed. An animal can receive a small portion of anesthesia, either by injection through a syringe or by using anesthetic gas through an air regeneration system or the non-rebreathing system. This air regeneration equipment is most commonly used with animals that weigh more than ten pounds, then a mixture of oxygen and anesthesia is circulated. The gas flows from a tank to a vaporizer that converts the liquid anesthetic into gas, thus creating the mixture inhaled by the animal. On the other hand, non-breathing systems recirculate the gases, thus extracting carbon dioxide and filling with oxygen and the analgesic. This type of equipment is used with smaller animals, oxygen and anesthetic are mixed through the same process that is used in the new breathing systems, however, the system without re-breathing expels exhaled gases through a hose.

Comparison between systems.

The two types of systems have their advantages and disadvantages. The veterinarian in France takes them into account when deciding which system to use for each animal.

Advantages of rebreathing systems:

  • The veterinarian uses less oxygen and anesthetic gases due to the lower flow rate.
  • There is less waste of gases during the process.
  • The veterinarian can maintain the heat and humidity of the animal’s breaths.

Advantages of non-rebreathing systems:

  • The amount of anesthesia can be controlled more quickly.
  • There is less resistance during breathing (small animals may have difficulty inhaling with enough force to breathe in through a rebreathing system)

Another veterinarian´s gadgets that are used in France are, for example:

The urine analyzer.

This device is able to obtain all the basic parameters of a urinalysis in just one minute, to make an accurate diagnosis quickly, safely and reliably. Ideal for medium-performance laboratories with cutting-edge technological advances. Includes quality control strips. Recommended for small animals (dogs, cats, pets, can also be used in goats, sheep and cows).It can analyze everything in the urine, among them: nitrites, specific gravity, ascorbic acid, blood, glucose, bilirubin, urobilinogen, ketones, leukocytes, proteins, calcium. It has a reaction time of sixty seconds per test. Its performance in normal mode is sixty samples / hour and in continuous mode it is one hundred and twenty five samples / hour. And it has a LCD screen. Cabinet analyzer, easy-to-use Windows-compatible software with storage capacity of 500 samples.

Feather type vein finder

With this gadget, veterinarians in France detect veins more quickly in the back of the hands through the transmission of red LED light, which helps medical personnel to observe the subcutaneous veins of the hands and significantly improve the rate of success in taking samples. Ideal for hospitals, clinics, medical residences.

Ovulation detector.

This gadget is part of the latest technology in veterinary science and is used to determine the optimal mating date. The device uses the relationship between changes in the electrical resistance of the mucus to recognize the disorders of the estrous cycle and, therefore, to know the optimal moment for reproduction. The measurement is easy to do and completely safe for animal testing.

Dental table

In case you do not know that there is an area separated by veterinarians in France where dentistry is performed. There are also many highly specific tools that veterinarians in France use to perform a high quality veterinary dentistry. For that, they have a veterinary sink for industrial use (table) that is made exactly for the purpose of keeping pets ergonomically suspended and out of moisture. In addition, they have an incredible lamp to help them clean the mouth, extract teeth and perform magnificent restorations with glorious precision.

Liposuction machine

Yes, you read correctly, a liposuction machine is used for veterinarians in France to reduce the size of benign lipomas. Very cool. Especially since it is sometimes difficult to anesthetize patients to eliminate these benign masses. In addition, this method is described in the French Veterinary Literature as an alternative less prone to side effects and more effective to traditional surgery.

How often do the veterinarians replace their gadgets in France?

To answer that question we can divide these gadgets between disposable and reusable stainless steel. The disposable instruments are, in turn, made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, coated with high performance polymer, sterile and individually packaged in sealed envelopes. They are easy to store and ready to use.

Let’s continue with the last list of veterinary devices used in France

Acupuncture needles with plastic handle

These acupuncture needles have a plastic profile handle that allows for a secure grip and good needle orientation. Thanks to the special coating on the surface of the needle, the puncture is almost painless for the patient. Acupuncture needles are available in different sizes and are individually sealed and sterile.

Veterinary physiotherapy

Massage ball

This massage ball is perfect for massages due to its particularly soft “buttons”. The massage ball has a needle valve to allow the regulation of the ideal pressure.

Massage wood

In France, your pet can enjoy a massage with the massage wood which can be used to support the massage technique. Thanks to its numerous angles and curves, the intensity of the pressure and the area can be varied with this wooden massage.

The catch net

The catch net allows capturing fugitive, frightened or aggressive animals in an effective and human way.The extendable telescopic rod from ninety-three centimeters to one hundred and seventy centimeters facilitates the handling of the net and reduces the risk of injury to the animal. Even cats on trees or on roofs can be captured in this way. In the net of fine mesh, neither the feathers of the birds nor the animals themselves dilate. Once you have pulled the frame of the net and the animal is in the mesh, you can transport it to a cage.In France there are enough cats adopted as pets. And everything is being done to control the population of stray cats. If you call a veterinarian to help you catch a cat, it is likely that the veterinarian uses the cage for small animals like wild cats , ferrets, rabbits, foxes, raccoons or small stray dogs. It allows to trap the animal in a non-violent way and is constructed with galvanized wire mesh and aluminum pieces that guarantee a long life of the cage. The cage has 2 doors with guillotine closing activated by a spring that is inside. It serves so that the capture does not harm relocate the animal in another place.

Now that you know that in France there are different types of veterinarian´s gadgets for the care of your pet, do not hesitate to take them to the veterinarian when you see signs of illness in your pet, as the veterinarian will surely apply all their knowledge and new technology within the veterinary science to provide the best care for your pet.